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June 2017

In this edition, we give you advocacy ideas you can use, and summarize the latest news on state and federal education budgets.

Talking Points for Legislative Chairs June 2017



Extra! Extra


 2016  EXTRA edition–2016 summary of new laws affecting children, families, and schools that you can share with your PTAs



May 2017

In this edition, we discuss the latest on charter schools, cover PTA positions on proposed legislation, and give you some tips on getting ready for next year.  Are you ready to advocate?

Talking Points for Legislative Chairs May 2017

April 2017

In this edition, PTA responds to the proposed federal budget and how it handles education issues.  For arts advocates, we offer Ed Code info to back you up.  And if you missed our recent Advocacy Forum panel of five OC Superintendents, we recap some of the highlights here – what an amazing group!

March 2017

In this edition, learn what PTA had to say about the U.S. Secretary of Education appointment.  We also have updates for you on the new school accountability dashboard, money coming for school facilities, reasons to advocate for the arts, and info on the March 21st Advocacy Forum – a panel of five OC Superintendents.  Get the details here!

February 2017

We cover a lot of material in this edition, including the latest on the state budget that reveals some surprising news about where money for schools and education is really going. We also have opportunities coming up for you to learn more about how your own school district will be measuring up and what superintendents have to say about it.  Read on!

January 2017

In this issue, we explain how you can easily advocate for children with just a phone call or email. We also give you an outline with important dates for the new state legislative session. We invite you to our January 18th Advocacy Forum to learn about the state’s new school accountability system. And we tell you about three exciting opportunities in advocacy. Don’t miss this edition!



December 2016

In this edition, we introduce California’s new school accountability system (it’s replacing the API score). We also report election results, cover predictions for school funding next year, announce our January 18th Advocacy Forum, and continue to support voter registration for high school seniors.

November 2016

In this edition, we recap some of the points covered during Ron Bennett’s amazing presentation to PTA members at the October 28th Advocacy Forum.  Also, we explain why PTA is so political, and highlight several CAPTA-supported bills that were recently passed into law.

October 2016

Parents should be actively involved in school policy and spending decisions, but often aren’t aware of these opportunities to guide major decisions for their own schools. Learn more in our advocacy speakers recap.  Also: Sacramento Safari registration is now open, and our next Advocacy Forum is October 28!

September 2016

Make a great start to your year in PTA advocacy!  Info on advocacy training workshops, program opportunities, and upcoming dates are all included.  Learn where PTA stands on upcoming ballot propositions and which resolutions were adopted by National PTA.

June 2016

In this issue, we cover Governor Brown’s May Revise of the proposed state budget; talk about how to set up a candidate forum if you have school board members up for election, list items that you’ll want to include in your PTA budget next year, and more!”

May 2016

In this issue, you’ll learn about the serious teacher shortage that’s hitting California schools and what might be done to address it; read highlights from April’s Advocacy Forum; and get the scoop on three recent court cases that impact education.

April 2016

In this issue, read about PTA-sponsored legislation designed to help parents support their children’s education and become actively involved in their schools.   Also, learn how two Orange County PTAs won CAPTA awards for their local advocacy – ideas you can use for your own PTA!

March 2016

In this issue, we offer a recap of our annual Fourth District PTA Sacramento Safari advocacy trip, announce the successful launch of our OC high school senior voter registration pilot, and discuss a report on how California’s schools remain underfunded despite state budget increases.

February 2016
In this issue, we see that the governor’s budget includes more money for education; examine court cases that deal with adequate school funding, teacher tenure issues and whether union dues might be optional; and learn how local school districts are meeting common challenges.

January 2016
This issue highlights federal funding increases for education and the new Every Student Succeeds Act; discusses teacher evaluation, tenure, and layoff issues; and features opportunities to participate in upcoming events that offer the latest news and valuable insights for PTA members interested in supporting our children, youth, and families.


 December 2015
School funding expectations and needs
Upcoming teacher shortages
Replacement for No Child Left Behind
Local advocacy events you won’t want to miss!

November 2015
New laws passed
Prospects for a school facilities bond
Importance of PTA support for voter registration of high school seniors

October 2015
What does a California State PTA Advocate do?
Voting Procedures in California
Register voters at PTA events

September 2015
Can-do Advocacy
Fourth District PTA Advocacy Workshop
High School Exit Exam waived
ESEA/NCLB reauthorization bills

June 2015
California’s education budget continues to grow
PTA Advocacy dates for 2015-16
Delegates approve three resolution at CAPTA convention

May 2015
US Senate passes ESEA/NCLB bill
LAO predicts higher tax returns
California PTA co-sponsored and supported bills

April 2015
Transition is a major theme for Sacramento Safari
Advocacy Roundtable
CAPTA takes positions on legislative bills

March 2015
ESEA/NCLB reauthorization bill
Full funding of IDEA
SB172 high school exit exam suspension
Tracking PTA-supported bills

February 2015
Good news/bad news in Gov. Brown’s proposed state budget
Showdown over state funding for school construction
Reauthorization of ESEA/NCLB may be accomplished this year
PTA joins national effort to invest in early learning progress

January 2015
Hot topics for education advocacy 2015
Gov. Brown points to school funding increase in state budget
School boards association set to fight cap on school district reserve funds
CAPTA Legislative Conference, Sacramento Safari, Advocacy Roundtable information


December 2014
New legislative session begins Common Core hearings Leg roundtable report

November 2014
State efforts to expand early education meet with limited success
OC Trustees hold hearings on Common Core
PTA-Supported bills signed into laws

October 2014
Future of California high school exit exams is in question
How to be an informed voter

September 2014
PTA and the General Elections Bills supported by California State PTA signed into law
State drops school construction bond; rainy day fun on the ballot

June 2014
CAPTA has concerns about Governor’s revised budget proposal
Early education bills advance in Sacramento and Washington D.C.
CAPTA supports school facilities bond, Governor Brown does not

MAY 2014
Legislative ills, court case and initiative tackle teacher dismissals
Districts may use LCFF revenue to repair and upgrade facilities
Legislators show renewed interest in early childhood education

APRIL 2014
Positive school climate leads to higher student achievement
Edsource Symposium Advocacy workshops at PTA Convention 2014

MARCH 2014
LCAP underway
Easy to be an advocacy chair
2014 Public Policy Agenda


LCFF and LCAP Proposed State Budget Sacramento Safari

State Board of Education looks at revised
LCFF regulations CAPTA offers LCFF resources
Pre-K for all a state budget priority
Development of state budget begins.

Prior issues can be found in the Advocacy Communicator archives.

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