New Online Officer/Board Member Contact System

New Online Officer/ Board Member Contact System

There is a brand new online officer contact system provided to all PTAs by California State PTA through the PTAEZ program. Officer contact information will not be entered into the 4th District PTA system anymore.  

How to use this new system: 

Your council may have set up a user name and password for you.  Please use the instructions below only if you do not have other instructions through your council.

To enter the PTAEZ Online Officer/Board Member Contact system, you must first register and then log in.  Then anytime you have corrections or want to print out your officer information, you can log back in.


A.     If you have no officer information in the system yet:  (No officer lists submitted to 4th District yet.)

  1. Get your PTA’s federal EIN (from your bylaws or past tax forms)
  2. Follow this link:
  3. Click the spot labeled “Officer Contact
  4. Choose “New Officer/Board Member Contact registrants click here
  5. Enter your EIN on the next screen and then your email address
  6. You will receive an email and follow a link on it, and then a password will be emailed to you to use with your email as your user name.
  7. Once on the system, you can create an easily remembered password by choosing “Update Log-in.”  Always note down your password so that it doesn’t get lost.


B.     If you submitted other contact information previously that has been transferred into this system and you want to see what information has been entered and add to it or correct it:

  • Contact your council president to find out if a user name and password have been created for you.
  • If you have difficulty reaching your council president or she/he is unable to help you, contact 4th District PTA ( or 714-241-0495)
  • Once you have a user name and log in:
  1. Follow this link:
  2. Click the spot labeled “Officer Contact
  3. Choose “Existing PTAEZ subscribers click here
  4. Enter your user name & password, as given to you by council or district


C.     If you are already a PTAEZ customer for your accounting needs:

  • Log in using your regular information and click the spot labeled “Officer Contact”


You will contribute to the success of PTA for your school next year if you enter in the PTA president’s name, address, phone, and email as soon as possible.


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