Membership – Step by Step

Membership – Step by Step

Procedure Book

  • Start one if you did not get one from your predecessor
  • Chairman meets with PTA president and committee
    • Develop membership recruitment and retention plan
      • Include outreach to those under-represented
      • Set goals and set budget, including incentive costs, mailings, etc.
  • Develop calendar after contacting PTA council or PTA district regarding due dates
  • Present plans for approval (to PTA Executive Board and Association)

Order Envelopes

  • State membership envelopes are not required but are helpful
    (to purchase envelopes, contact your PTA council or PTA district)
  • Membership cards are provided at no cost and every member should get one

Develop Invitation

  • Write invitation letter (see sample); announce theme and goals
  • Use email or mail when appropriate
  • Write articles for newsletters, post flyers at school
  • Have new student packets in the school office

Collect envelopes daily & deliver to treasurer or financial secretary

  • Two board members should count and record dues payments
  • Use Cash Verification Form Issue Membership Cards
  • National PTA ID # for your PTA (always has 8 digits)
  • Expiration Date is always October 31
  • Do not use “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” or “Smith Family” (every member = one card)

Keep record of all members (including contact information)

  • Update list throughout year
  • Use OMDR-Online Membership Dues Reporting (National database) to enter members

Report at meetings

  • Make sure per capita is forwarded regularly
  • If needed, request additional cards from your council or district
  • Continue to publicize your PTA all year long and invite people to join

Keep Procedure Book updated

  • Write final year-end report:
    • What worked
    • What did not work
    • Include recommendations for next year

Pass on all materials to successor

  • Accurate accounting of number of members & dollars collected
  • Complete membership list
  • Procedure book and files
  • Outline of activities, evaluation and recommendations

From the May 2007 issue of “The Communicator”, published by the California State PTA; full issue (as well as Spanish version of this information) available at

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