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Fourth District PTA Executive Vice President
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Are you an executive vice president (more commonly known as an EVP)? Do you find yourself asking, “What exactly does an EVP do?”PTA bylaws state that the duties of an executive vice president are to:

  • Serve as the primary aide to the president.
  • Perform the duties of the president in the absence or disability of that officer to act.
  • Perform such other duties as may be prescribed in these bylaws or assigned by the association.

What exactly does this mean? Is an EVP a co-president?

No. California State PTA does not recognize co-presidents. An EVP holds a separate position that may have independent responsibilities in addition to being the primary support system for the president. Any additional duties should be outlined in the “standing rules” section of your unit bylaws.

How can you be an effective support system for your president?

Be proactive and begin by meeting with your president. Discuss your strengths and how they can be best utilized. Also discuss how he or she views your role in working together.

  • Do you have computer or writing skills? You could assist with the meeting agendas or the president’s message in your newsletter.
  • Do you have good organizational skills? You could help sort and disseminate information to the other officers and chairmen in your PTA.
  • Do you have good interpersonal skills? You could “meet and greet” as members arrive at your meetings, direct new members, and make sure everyone feels welcome.

Each PTA will have its own personality and needs. Each EVP and president will have their own distinctive working relationship. The key to a successful relationship is open ongoing communication and realistic expectations for both the EVP and the president.

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