Bylaws and Standing Rules

Bylaws and Standing Rules:

Bylaws are designed to help your PTA function in an orderly manner

The only official set of PTA bylaws for any PTA is an original approved current set of bylaws, signed and dated by the state parliamentarian, PTA president and secretary, and on file with the unit PTA secretary.

A copy of the association’s Bylaws for the Local PTA/PTSA Units must be made available to any association member upon request. A copy should be provided to all officers and board members. Each executive board member is responsible for making a thorough study of them.

If you need a current copy of  approved bylaws contact your council first for assistance.

California State PTA does not provide bylaws to units, councils, districts electronically. Unit, council or district bylaws should NOT be scanned or posted on any publically-accessible website. Bylaws always include officer signatures, which must be protected from inappropriate use. Websites generally do not provide any measure of security and may be accessed by anyone, including those who are not members of the association.


Bylaws should be reviewed annually, and updated every three years by the bylaws committee of the association, chaired by the parliamentarian. The procedures and instructions to complete the bylaws are found inside the front cover of each set of bylaws.

See for much more information on bylaws here.

Forms that may be helpful

Bylaw review Flow Chart for Units


Bylaws Review Procedures

Easy Bylaws Review

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