Fourth District PTA is an organization of the twenty councils which represent all of Orange County (California) PTA members as well as members in a small portion of Los Angeles County.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Fourth District PTA is to empower councils, units, families and community members to become effective advocates for all children and youth.

Fourth District PTA

California State PTA Convention Highlights 2015


 Congratulations to the newly elected Fourth District PTA 2015-17 officers!

President: Beverly Berryman

Executive Vice President: Daniel Pietenpol

Vice President for Leadership: Diana Flores

Vice President for Programs: Michele Langham

Vice President for Advocacy: Kathleen Fay

Vice President for Education, Health, and Community Issues: Marilyn Amato

Vice President for Communications: Shanin Ziemer

Vice President for Convention: Chrystie Adams

Vice President for Membership: Candi Kern

Secretary: Cheri Jones

Treasurer: Donna Broussard

Financial Secretary: Ellen Gravitt

Auditor: Jill Money

Historian:  Lisa Boler

Parliamentarian: Christy Ballard


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